Task force seeking dental community’s comments on CDT Code enhancement

  • ADA News

The Enhanced CDT Code Task Force recently featured an update in ADA News on the Enhanced CDT Code Project including the release of a draft set of examples to demonstrate the proposed framework of dental procedure code modifiers. Read the full article.

The Enhanced CDT Comment Session is scheduled to convene at 6:30 PM Central Time on January 24, 2023.

Your feedback is valuable. The Task Force is holding a five-month open comment period on the proposed framework of dental procedure code modifiers beginning in November and continuing through March 2023. Comments can be submitted to dentalcode@ada.org.

This is not a change to the CDT code. The task force is gathering feedback to determine next steps in the enhanced CDT code project. 

Read more on the background of this project and find descriptions and examples of the Enhanced CDT modifiers using the following link: ADA.org/publications/cdt/enhanced-cdt.